Mysterious Witch from the North


The Witch of the Mountains, as Callistra was known in the old, old days, never had a good heart. Forget all that lore of a good witch gone bad, or of greed and revenge hardening even the sweetest of young witches’ hearts. It doesn’t happen. Callistra was born a witch, and right from the start she was the rottenest apple.

Good thing she didn’t have much power, then. The worst she could do was make people itch all over, or spoil the broth, or bring large rock slides down upon small kindergarteners. The day she found Content Not Found: It, though, was the day she flew 200 feet up into the air and then caused the caldera of an active stratovolcano to appear directly underneath her ill-fated little hamlet, whose name has been lost to memory1.

1 An enterprising archeologist in the year 1065 took a hammer and a chisel to the now-dormant volcano in the Mountains of Confusion, in the hopes of digging out any clues to the origins of the evil Witch. What an idiot.


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